What’s New for Windows Phone Development with the XNA Framework?

Play What’s New for Windows Phone Development with the XNA Framework?

The Discussion

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    I need this tools now :D

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    Great talk!!

    Really really sorry to hear this is compatibility is only for Windows Phone, you are loosing the 3 screens and a cloud and should really have made decided to make this feature for Windows and Xbox to.

    Then again scaling a silverlight UI might not be that handy. Developpers should have a way to use different overlays of the UI depending on the screen size and input mechanisme (touch, keyboard, gamepad). Also, that would be announcing Silverlight for the Xbox and you don't want to that clearly (although I was really expecting it).

    My point: this feature should be on all 3 platforms! It would make it harder to implement for you guys but would really spice sliverlight up! This is also really confusing with the new 3D API's in Silverlight and XNA API's compatibility. Why is the 3D stuff in Silverlight desktop/browser not just XNA ?

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    Excellent presentation, amazing technology.

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    Good talk. I'm looking forward to using this as I think it (combined with the new GC) fixes two of the biggest problems in developing graphical applications for WP7.

    One tip for the presenter: stop doing that air quotes thing Smiley

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    @CKurt : I'm sure they will bring this to the other 2 platforms... be patient !
    It's a bit like with "offloading to the GPU", they found out that it was great to speed up the browsing experience, then they started to do that on the Phone too... it'll be the same with this... I'm sure !

    @Brian Hudson: nice and interesting talk... can't wait for the new Dev Tools...

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