Multitasking in the Next Version of Windows Phone, Part I

Play Multitasking in the Next Version of Windows Phone, Part I

The Discussion

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    Interesting to hear about the number of automated test cases and scale of devices involved. Good info on user control of background agents across all apps in settings and which APIs are available from background agents/which not. Good to see feedback welcome on all the numbers still in tuning surrounding these features. Thanks Darin.

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    I'm no programmer, but I own a LG optimus 7 win phone .. And i must say it's the best I've seen, and I'm a very piky customer. The only thing witch would make this perfect is the use of the cellphone as a modem if pluged USB/micro USB to a laptop, or use the WI-FI on the cellphone to transmit it's HSPA signal to alow up to 8 cellphone/Laptop to use the signal to avec access to internet. Android allows it, but win phone 7 blocks it according to Telus and LG. So if Microsoft wants to stay competitive, better come with a solution very soon because this fail in the systeme is changing people 's opinion on a choice of smartphone. Never the less.., Very fluid, very good interface, speedy web browsing, Also !!! addition of a equalizer in Zune player on the cellphone would be AWESOME !!

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