Fonts, Form and Function: A Primer on Digital Typography

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Typography in digital experiences is unavoidable, and for years it was a fight we mostly lost. Today, however, technology is on our side! High resolution screens, an expanding library of open fonts and new flexibility in nearly every UI technology have made digital typography more fun and more interesting than ever. We'll cover all aspects of working with digital type: everything from choosing complimentary typefaces to licensing, rendering and a system for layout and sizing. We all love type. Come to this talk to learn why!









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The Discussion

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    Brasil também vai ta de olho na Palestra!!

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    Great job, Robby. Where can we get the slides?

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    The Rasterizing technique table for OS/Browser is really interesting at 1:01:52

    Great presentation and presenter

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    I really enjoyed watching this, thanks for the interesting session.

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    This was the best session that I had the opportunity to see at Mix. Robby's enthusiasm for the subject really came through and made for a compelling presentation. The slide deck was absolutely gorgeous. Watch it!

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    First time I've seen someone who talk with such a passion about fonts.
    Captivating presentation!

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    Great job Robby! The slides themselves were a beautiful effectuation of what was being presented.

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    Nikolaos Kokkinos

    Nice talk Mr. Robby Ingebretsen. I really loved the Grid Rules and the golden Rule (discovered from Pythagoras in the very early days :-) )

    As you said, it can work like a pattern - framework for the designs. Actually thats the reason why Developers can do designing ?

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    Robby: typefaces have personalities - I think we all kind of knew it, but you put your finger squarely on the principle. Do you know of any good mapping tools for working with the large selection of typefaces at our disposal? For instance, it would be great to say, "Given the Windows 7 & Office 2010 font selection, show me a menu of font pallet that exude, say, peace and tranquility."

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    Nikolay Degtyarev

    Greate talk. I really really love it. Good job!!! I wish I would have seen more such presentation this year

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    Robby is a great presenter. Hopefully we get to see more of him.

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    These are amazing videos #MIX11 .. so good

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