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Ever wonder what it takes to create a top game for Windows Phone 7? Rob will show you how easy it is to get XNA programs running, whether you are a C# and Visual Studio newbie or a grizzled veteran of .NET. You will find out how to use the touch and accelerometer sensors and how to add a smattering of physics to your games. All the demos will be provided with full source so you can take them away and use them to begin creating your own games based on the abilities of this wonderful device. If you want to know how to take game ideas and give them life then this session is for you. And you might be in danger of winning the odd prize. Which should be exciting.









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The Discussion

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    Hopefully we will get more independent 3D Games on Wp7, most of Wp7 seems to be flooded with 2D games. So hopefully Bob will dive into proper 3D Games, Models, Matrices and how to employ the different Effects.
    When are we going to get Shaders on the WP7 ?

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    Fingers crossed for shaders on wp7.... even if it is limited. I really want to have a bloom effect on my game.

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    Simon Darkside Jackson

    You can do those now within the reach system using post processing. See @VeraShackles posts on XNA-UK.net

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    Ill have one of the book!

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