Kinect for Xbox 360: Iterative Field Testing to Optimize the Out of Box Experience

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As the final months ticked down toward the Kinect for 360 worldwide release last November, Microsoft Xbox launched an extensive in-home field study in North America, Europe, and Japan. The study aimed to discover specific ways to optimize the out-of-box and first use experience, to learn how Kinect for Xbox 360 would perform in a wide variety of homes, and to observe how its revolutionary interactions would play out in the wide range of physical, family, and social settings that users call home. In this talk, Blink Interactive Research Director John Dirks will describe the agile user research techniques used to test build iterations, discuss lessons learned from the field, and reveal some of the improvements built into the initial Kinect experience as a result. You will learn how motivated teams can rapidly translate user research findings into impactful design changes.









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    KINECT will really go far in the future, one of these days we will probably use it for turning on lights in the house, opening garage doors, etc. Microsoft is the most advanced technological company I know, Long live the king.

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