Developing iPhone and iPad Apps that Leverage Windows Azure

Play Developing iPhone and iPad Apps that Leverage Windows Azure
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You are building apps for the iPhone/iPad, yet you remain curious about what the cloud can offer. Is it possible to deploy scalable, mobile Web applications on Windows Azure? How about storing data in the cloud? Is it possible to use the cloud for push notifications to the device? In this session you'll learn how to integrate iOS applications into an existing Windows Azure infrastructure, and what types of applications other organizations are building. You'll walk away confident in knowing how to extend your existing applications to take advantage of features on the device together with services in the cloud.









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The Discussion

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    Craig Dunn

    There wasn't an app for that? You didn't search very hard.

    Not only was there an iPhone app _called_ MIX11, there was one last year as well for MIX10 (which had just shy of 1,000 downloads during the conference --

    This year the iPhone app was joined by a version for Windows Phone 7 and for Android --

    *All* these apps were written using C# and the .NET Framework (yes, the iPhone and Android apps too). If you want to leverage Azure, OData, and other Microsoft tech then being able to develop on those platforms in c# is a good place to start. Check out and (and or if you like).

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    Simon Guest

    Just FYI - the code that I previewed in the MIX presentation has now been released -  

    Feedback always welcome!


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