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    Unfortunately I can't switch my SP2010 site out of IE8 compatibility mode because it breaks the 'OK' button when submitting a new list item in an AJAX dialog. Tried to debug it but I'd have to muck about with web.configs etc, gets very messy. Shame, really. I was looking forward to exploiting IE9+HTML5 on our intranet.

    It's really annoying that basically all the new features I was expecting to exploit in SP2010: Social tagging of external sites, HTML5 compat, cross-browser compat, sandboxes, etc - are all subtly broken. it seems like large elements of SP2010 are really just SP2007 broken differently...

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    Pieter Dhondt

    Where can I find all these shiny-looking templates like the coffee one? :)

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    Hi Paul Stubbs,

    I'm upgrading my company's intranet site and it's in need of a major UI overhaul.  Several of the templates that you showed in the branding portion of your presentation looked very interesting. You mentioned that the templates would be available soon; can you provide a more specific timeframe?

    Gary Kearney

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