Deconstructing Orchard: Build, Customize, Extend, Ship

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Welcome to the Orchard Project – a free, community-focused, open source CMS built on .NET and designed meet the needs of developers, designers, and end-users alike. In this talk, we’ll build a site from the ground-up using Orchard’s admin panel and flexible module and theme system. We’ll look at the available ecosystem of modules and themes in the Orchard Gallery, and take a peek “under-the-hood” of Orchard to demonstrate how you can write your own custom extensions, widgets, and more. We’ll also delve into the Orchard’s template system in detail, demonstrating how you can create a highly-customized look-and-feel for your site. We’ll end by actually shipping our totally customized Orchard-based application to a live site.











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The Discussion

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    Excelent presentation and demo,  Bradley.congratulations.

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    Clinton Gallagher

    Channel9 video assets must be on the worst pipes on the web. And when trying to download the p.o.s. IE9 reports it is downloading 2 instances,

    I tried in Chrome and the same poor throughput but at least Chrome only tries to download 1 instance of the request.

    This has been happening to me all of the time with Channel9.

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    Bart Verkoeijen

    I've been chewing on the project documentation, but this presentation made it way easier and better to understand how to use Orchard. Thanks!

    One thing I missed though is a proper (visual!!!) introduction to Modules, Areas, Parts, etc. Technical terms, therefore I lost you a couple of times during the talk. But, if this can be polished in the documentation and future talks, I bet it works out great!

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