NuGet In Depth: Empowering Open Source on the .NET Platform

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The HaaHa show is back. Join Phil Haack and Scott Hanselman as they dig deep into the new open source NuGet package management system. Phil will play the part of an Open Source library publisher and create NuGet packages live and publish them on stage. Scott will be the Open Source consumer and use Phil’s libraries. Will the tables turn as Scott starts submitting patches? Anything can happen in the world of open source.











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The Discussion

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    HaaHa shows are nice Smiley that's sad they're limitied to only MIX Perplexed looking forward to it... keep it up!

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    Tugberk, all of the content from MIX will be online after the converence if you want to check out. I made all of the junior devs at my company watch their Security video from last year.

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    @TheWoogyChuck:thanks for the suggesting but I have already watched them Smiley nearly all MIX10 Smiley I meant by limitied to only MIX that 'The HaaHa Show' only takes place on MIX events. that would be nice to watch monthly versions of them Big Smile

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    Krzysztof Krol

    When will you upload recording from this session ?

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    Scott Hanselman

    Not limited only to Mix...the first HaaHa was in Norway. I think there's video our there of that one.

    This show was great fun and will be up soon.

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    Can't wait to see this posted, it was by far the most enjoyable session of MIX11.

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    Ben Dewey

    This was one of my favorite talks at MIX. The HaaHa was great. Looking forward to pushing my own packages.

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    In a word: awesome.

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    @Scott Hanselman:

    Not limited only to Mix...the first HaaHa was in Norway. I think there's video our there of that one.

    This show was great fun and will be up soon.

    found it :

    nicee Smiley then, I will wait for other HaaHa shows Smiley

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    Hi folks, I made a couple of mistakes during the talk and wrote up some corrections in this blog post: A Look Back At Mix.


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    Not awesome!


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    I stood up from my desk and started clapping and screaming Bravo! Bravo! Bravissimo!!

    You two have no idea how important you really are, to the developer community and the future.

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    Dr Herbie

    Not only did I attend this session, I got the T-shirt! Big Smile

    Shame it was only a NuGet T-shirt and not a Ha-Haa T-shirt.  You should get some of them made for next time Scott & Phil.


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    Anton Gogolev

    True, this is really cool for a corporate .NET developer who lives and breathes official blessed tools from Microsoft, but come on! The rest of the world has been doing this package management stuff for years and noone made a show out of it. Even .NET had a few package management solutions (OpenWrap and Componento to name a few), but sadly .NETters are very alien to anything that doesn't come from Microsoft, so these projects never got popular. This is sad as well, since they have some very nice ideas and did not introduce an unholy mess of dependencies on Visual Studio and PowerShell.

    To all .NET devs out there: command line is so much better than GUI point-and-clicketry.

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    great talk. how did you get the VS command prompt with nuget in the path? did you have to set that up manually or am I missing a trick?

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    I was watching this at work with the volume at medium. But when Rick Roll came on it was super loud and then everybody was like you just got rick rolled! AHHH

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    markheath - Yes, I just put it in c:\utils.

    anton Yep, we are years late on this. But it's here now and we're moving fast.

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    Jim Wooley

    Make sure to turn your volume down before the last 5 minutes of the video. You have been warned.

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    NuGet is open source but not free software.
    avoid NuGet !!!

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