Pragmatic JavaScript, jQuery & AJAX with ASP.NET

Play Pragmatic JavaScript, jQuery & AJAX with ASP.NET

The Discussion

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    Hi Damian,

    great session, useful tips, big thank you.


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    Yong Gang

    Where can I get the source code for the "Comet with ASP.NET $ long polling Ajax" part demo?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Where can I get the source code for the "Comet with ASP.NET & long polling Ajax" demo?

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    Awesome session. Great work! keep it up

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    Eric Falsken

    Where can I download the awesome jquery toolkit?

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    Elijah Smith

    I need this information for my project thanks for sharing this useful tips.I really like it very much.

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    Eric Falsken

    And I want the comet project too! Please post!

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    Greate work! Thanks for presentation.Where can I get a sample code from session?

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    Matt Phillips

    Notification services has been dropped from SQL Server, so the Comet demo does not have much forward life!

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