Scaffolding – ASP.NET, NuGet, Entity Framework Code First and More

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The Discussion

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    Well Done Steve!

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    Useless ... Where is te High Quality video ? This is for stamp size screen :(

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    Great presentation, Steve! Thanks

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    Gregor Suttie

    Great presentation, covered a huge amount in such a short time, I wonder if everyone understood you when you talk so quickly.


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    Around the 18:50 mark in the video, you demonstrate how you modify the model to use property names that don't follow the convention that MVC Scaffolding expects. The example that's given is changing AthleteId to CompetitorUniqueRef. You decorate the property with the [Key] attribute in order to tell MVC Scaffolding what the primary key should be.

    How would you specify a composite key? For example, for an Event model, how would you specify a composite key of EventName, EventType, and EventTime?

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    Hey Steve,

    GREAT presentation and excellent infomation. Wow - I can't even believe how fast you can talk, and type - Wow! I think you packed about 2 hours of info in this session! :)
    This is such good stuff! Thanks for the scaffolding!

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    Dear Steve Sanderson,
    where can I get the demo's code please?



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