Web Forms: Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated

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ASP.NET is greater than WebForms, just as ASP.NET is greater than ASP.NET MVC. As MVC evolves so does WebForms. Join Damian Edwards for a tour of new features in the next version of ASP.NET WebForms, some of which you might recognize as friends of the ASP.NET MVC world. Learn more about Routing, Model Binding, optimizing CSS and JavaScript, advanced control templating techniques, and new thinking around how to structure applications using your favorite Web Framework.









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The Discussion

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    Philip Beadle

    See you there Damian :)

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    Glad to see webforms is still on the move and keeping up with the rest of the web stack.
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    Some nice stuff, especially the model binding.  One thing that bugs me is that with the 2 way data binding there's no way to have a default value on insert forms.  In ASP.NET MVC i would feed in default values to my view by passing them along with my model but i can't see a way to achieve this in web forms.

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    Sweet. Looking forward to the model binder featues and updated providers. Maybe I won't have to switch all my stuff to MVC after all Smiley

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