50 Performance Tricks to Make Your HTML5 Web Sites Faster

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for a great talk! It will be very helpful :)

    I was wondering: How do I retrieve the Page Load statistics you demonstrated for the different newspapers?

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    Great session!

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    WOW! Best session I watched so far. Nice job Smiley

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    Mike Badgley

    To Jason's point (32:30) on there not being a decent online image sprite tool, there is one I use which is excellent: CSS Sprite Generator by Project Fondue - http://spritegen.website-performance.org/

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    Greg Babula

    Great presentation, I really enjoyed that from start to finish

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    Would be nice if this video is captioned for hard of hearing peeps incl myself. Wonder is there a transcript for this video?

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    Rob Lynch

    This might be one of the very best presentations I have seen on HTML optimization. Thank you VERY much for an doing such an exceptional job!

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