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    Samaj Shekhar

    When i downloaded this i thought it maybe just an intro type of session.. but Honestly believe me this was one of the best session of MIX11 i have seen. Luke gave a very nice an Informative tour of JavaScript and little preview of some of the features  of ECMAScript5.

    Those who haven't seen it yet.. Download it now.. (its worth the bandwidth usage Smiley

    Thanx Luke Hoban and Channel9 for bringing this up.

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    But Luke Hoban was not involved in F# development?


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    Overall, a good presentation, but I think the description of prototypes could have been clearer.  The diagram of the prototype chain implied that an object could inherit from multiple prototypes, which is not correct.  Luke didn't different between the inheritance prototype of an object and the creational prototype used by a constructor function when it creates a new object.  Not doing that caused confusion and made the diagram look like there was multiple inheritance going on.

    Otherwise, very good.

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    Chethan Prakash

    The video streaming of the session stops abruptly after 30 minutes . Even the downloaded one hangs at the same place . Can anyone help me with this?


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