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WebSockets, an emerging specification being standardized by W3C and IETF, will enable web browsers as well as client applications to open a bi-directional, full-duplex communication channel with a remote host. In this session you will explore the scenarios that will be available to HTML5 developers in the near future and you will learn more about the low level details of the APIs and protocol, including its benefits over the traditional long polling approach. The HTML5 Labs team will walk you through the implementation details and source code behind the client and server components of the Web Sockets prototype and will share their firsthand experience in working with the new standard.









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The Discussion

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    Paul Batum

    There's actually one additional step I forgot to cover if you are going to use the silverlight plugin. The readme file that comes with the prototype covers this but its worth calling out. You need to drop the clientaccesspolicy.xml file (found in the bin folder) in your c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.

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    Thomas Shields

    Hi, i followed this video carefully - set up the web project and console app - but i'm not sure where i have to remove clientaccesspolicy.xml from. According to fiddler is certainly is there (@ but i can't seem to find it anywhere, either in my project folder or anywhere in my inetpub folder. Where do i need to remove it from? Thanks.


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    Thomas Shields

    Correction to my last comment: i'm actually getting my custom 302 redirect (meaning clientaccespolicy is not found), but it's not working. any ideas?

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    Craig Kitterman

    Thomas - can u zip your code and shoot it to me? I can try to figure out whats going on. ckitter at

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