IE 10 Platform Preview 1: The Future of Adaptive Web Design

Play IE 10 Platform Preview 1: The Future of Adaptive Web Design

The Discussion

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    Hardik Shah

    Nice to know these design layouts and patterns are being kept in mind while advocating HTML5 and CSS3 standards. Nice going Microsoft ... ;)


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    Great topics but I think the samples was so basic that it could have been done using floats and media queries. Better samples would have helped the presentation a lot.

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    So this is the * that hasn't added text-shadow yet

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    I would have to disagree with knutkj, samples were fine examples.

    The problem I see is that using these new methods seem to be a lot more markup then if you just used some tables! However... targeting multiple devices and screen layouts is a problem with tables and how I have solved it and provide less content download to the browser is detecting my target on the server and formatting the layout there.

    I do really like the new changes though but you can't really use them for another 6 microsoft years maybe. Because IE10 is only going to be Windows7 forward. Not even including vista. When building enterprise applications the cost of moving an entire company's OS to a new OS for a new browser is not even considerable.

    I really wish CSS & JavaScript & HTML were modules that you can plug into browsers so even though IE10 is coming out with XYZ you should be able to install XYZ into IE9 for that support also.

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    @xer:I tried to found also some source for this "no Vista" information. Was it told at the MIX ? For now I find tons of articles that rather looks like an assumption based on the developer preview not running under Vista, often backed up with apparently asking some anonymous spokesman to confirm this. For now what I saw looks rather like rumors. Do you have an MS source for this info ? TIA

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