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MIX11 day 1 keynotes featuring Dean Hachamovitch, Steven Sinofsky, and Scott Guthrie.









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The Discussion

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    Great keynote, both Scott's were great. Cool stuff in just 12 months, amazing.
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    I just love to see how IE is moving to the next level. Great thanks to people like Dean, Steven, Scott Gu and Scott H. for making development even more enjoyable....

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    Very nice to see the downloads appearing very soon.

    one little request, please display file size with each download.

    e.g. High Quality WMV
    (PC, XBox, MCE)
    [100 MB]

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    Jamie Nordmeyer

    It such an exciting time to be a developer!

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    What's the name of the song played at the beginning of the video (after the MIX intro and before the keynote started - "beauty in the web~"?), can I download it? :-)

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    @Dapeng: It's Beauty in the World, by Macy Gray (http://tinyurl.com/3b8ep3z)

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    The Gu @ 1:18:58 - "Hi... Do I go now? Maybe I should shake your hand? n/m. exit stage left."

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    Fast is always beautiful .What we need is this!!! Hats off!

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    Where can we get that EF Magic Unicorn Edition Tshirts that Scott was sporting?

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    Marc Roussel

    Please who can tell me where's the Day 3 Keynotes ?

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    @Marc Roussel: There were only two days of keynotes for MIX11.

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    Adolph Hitler

    I love ie9. Ie10 will be the best browser ever.

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    @W0lfDaddy: Thanks a lot! :)

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    What the heck is "native" HTML5?

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    Thomas Shields

    IE10! Hurray! and MVC 3 Toolkit jsut blew me away! All you have to worry about is UI at that point!! Great job guys!

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    Why the hell isn't there a full-screen option!! ARRRR

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    Come on Microsoft

    I love Microsoft stuff and IE9 and all, but you can't just spend the first half of a keynote session bashing on competitors... c'mon, Microsoft, you can do better than that...

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    Come on Tim

    @Tim: the full-screen icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen... that's for full-screen

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    Bring on IE 10. Die Firefox and Chrome and Opera.


    Google I/O circa 2009 (2 web-years before mix11): web-standards are good for all. Go HTML5. Open up the web. get as many people on the web. etc. (also tips on how to speed up the web)

    Mix2011: See the above quote. Even though this is just the view of one fanboi, i think it sums the view of others beside him, mybe even of the presenter.

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    No full screen icon for html5 video mode on Google Chrome! Only for sliverlight :(

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    @Tim: sorry about that, we just use the browser's native HTML 5 video control, so if Chrome doesn't have one, then you don't get one Sad

    As far as I know, full screen is not in the HTML 5 video spec, so it is up to each browser to add it if they wish

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    Pete El Khouri

    I would like to see IE9+ to automatically update the rendering engine as it begins to implement more and more HTML and CSS standards. Even in the future when it's near it's end of life, it would be very beneficial to the web development industry because we can count on it supporting the standards. This comes back to the separation of code practices. If you build it separately, the UI can remain IE9, but the engine will inherently support new features.

    That would be AWESOME!

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