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Ready to take your visuals to another dimension? Silverlight 5 gives you a direct path to the GPU with a powerful immediate mode 3D graphics API. This talk provides an overview of the new features and general 3D graphics concepts, then gets technical exploring the new APIs. You will learn how to integrate 3D into your application and put the fundamentals to use by drawing 3D geometry, shading with color and texture, and creating animations. With these skills you will be on your way to differentiating your applications with high impact visualizations.









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The Discussion

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    Psycho Potato

    This thing excites me to no end, great stuff guys! I'm a 2D game developer, wondering if there is any other session that talks about 2D graphics API (this session looks like it is 3D-only)? Although 3D is cool and hardware accelerated, having to do 2D with vertex/texture is not always that "natural" (think BitBlt Smiley)




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    this one is going to be cool but i really hope these apis are coming to wpf as well.... SL is supposed to be a subset. a subset!

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    @aL_ : I agree. As a developer of both silverlight and WPF applications, it would make it a lot easier to share code and resources between the two.

    Also, I am interested to see the details around the 3D api. I'm hoping it's a low enough level API that the XNA team could conceivably support it as a surface for XNA games with good (enough) performance. This is one way they could allow XNA/Silverlight integration in future versions of Windows Phone, assuming SL5 is ported to that platform.

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    Seems the link to the slides is broken... :-(

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    David Catuhe

    Link to the realtime engine sample:

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    3d support is Windows only? With Silverlight I expected that most of the things will be cross-platform. It is a pity that SL becomes more and more windows-centric.

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    @David Catuhe :
    The version of Silverlight installed is:
    Silverlight 4 (4.0.60129.0)
    "The version you have requested was an early (beta) version of Silverlight - not the current one"

    Is it SL5 Beta ? or is it a previous version that we won't be able to install ?

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    Aaron Oneal

    The first set of samples from the session have been posted.

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    The HD video does not play to completion. Please check, I've downloaded it a couple of times.

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    HD version is 2:30 min / 68 MB. Should be 53:44 min
    Nice one, though!

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    There's maybe a problem with the HD file.
    The HD Version size 68Mb while the Medium one size 322 MB.

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    sorry for the double post, didn't refresh the page, you could it already

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    Silverlight Developers

    Silverlight 5 provides a facility to use hardware accelerated 3D graphics in Silverlight applications. This facility is very useful for silverlight developers.

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    Aaron Oneal
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    I am also quite disappointed about not having the 3D API on Mac. Moreover, the way the MS built the 3D API making it dependent on XNA, it will probably never make it to Mac of if it does, it will probably be completely different between the two versions, so that the UI developers will have to build 3d applications twice - once for Windows and once for Mac.

    Do not take me as a conspiracy theorist, but it seems that in order to promote HTML 5, MS decided to mess up the SL implementation.  

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    I hope that DrawingSurface exist in next Silverlight for Windows Phone. Would be great to be able to mix XNA and XAML in telephone applications

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    fernando sobreira abreu

    Estou satisfeito e espero mim surpriender com as qualidade deste serviço

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