Tips for Improving Performance in Applications Built with Silverlight

Play Tips for Improving Performance in Applications Built with Silverlight

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    Kevin Barmish

    Awesome presentation!

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    Thank you for this presentation.

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    Hi Mike,

    This is great! Awesome presentation. Will we be seeing the project uploaded somewhere?


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    Good Starting point for Novices to Learn about Profiling Silverlight Apps and identifying some performance bottlenecks.

    Thanks for a good presentation.



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    @Adrian: Glad you liked the presentation!  I've uploaded the solution and attached it to the blog post here:

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    Great video. Quick question. You said that sample analyzing was available in VS2010 Pro and Premium. Is this right? I thought it was just Premium and Ultimate (I have Pro, yet can't find any trace of the "Analyze" menu option). Thanks.

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    very good for this video

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    Mark Gould

    Thanks for the great presentation, Mike. Lots of good info!

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    nice! lots of tips and tools to optimize silverlight apps

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    Not something big but one of those swung-on-and-missed things when the ball was sitting on a tee. Supposedly on a tee. Still missed it. Dervish style. Kewl subject, though; bang-command non-GUI things always stirs the blood for the GUI-lazified types (see point, below).

    c:\Program Files\tools>heapmonitor

    c:\Program Files\tools>/* Self compiling batch file... 2>nul
    Microsoft (R) Visual C# 2005 Compiler version 8.00.50727.4927
    for Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 2005 Framework version 2.0.50727
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2001-2005. All rights reserved.

    error CS2001: Source file 'c:\Program' could not be found
    error CS2001: Source file 'Files\tools\HeapMonitor.cmd' could not be found
    fatal error CS2008: No inputs specified

    c:\Program Files\tools>xperf.exe

    Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Performance Analyzer Version 4.8.7701
    Performance Analyzer Command Line
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Usage: xperf options ...

    xperf -help view for xperfview, the graphical user interface
    xperf -help start for logger start options
    xperf -help providers for known tracing flags
    xperf -help stackwalk for stack walking options
    xperf -help stop for logger stop options
    xperf -help merge for merge multiple trace files
    xperf -help processing for trace processing options
    xperf -help symbols for symbol decoding configuration
    xperf -help query for query options
    xperf -help mark for mark and mark-flush
    xperf -help format for time and timespan formats on the command line
    xperf -help profiles for profile options

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    Mano Bharath M

    I am currently using visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition, I am not finding the "Analyze" Menu in the top menu options. though i have downloaded the Windows Performance toolkit and installed. please help me in enabling the menu.

    ManoBharath M

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