Good JavaScript Habits for C# Developers

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It seems that far too many people come to jQuery thinking that their previous knowledge with object-oriented languages like C# or Java will help them be successful at client-side scripting. In many cases, you can be successful with this approach, however, the more JavaScript you write you will inevitably find yourself uncovering strange bugs because you didn't take time to learn JavaScript properly. This session is targeted for developers that use jQuery, but haven’t invested adequate time to learn some of the foundational JavaScript concepts that differ from C#. If you would like to avoid some of these common mistakes when bringing your existing expertise to JavaScript, then please join me as I try to explain some of the differences.









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The Discussion

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    This was the best JScript set of explanations I've seen in a while.

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    rey rahadian

    there's a lot of good tips in it, thanks a lot Elijah

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    Rob Crockett

    Very helpful. It covered all the bits I have been wondering about in Java Script. And it clearly explained things I had read about but which had not sunk in yet. I highly recommend it for C# programmers.

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    Hi there! Could you post the video as an OGV or at least an flv? I don't want to install monolight just for Channel 9.

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    @jssip: You can download the video, it is available in different formats.

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