The Tale of Two Apps: Making a Splash in the Windows Phone Marketplace

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“Cocktail Flow” and “SurfCube 3D Browser” - two of the top applications in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Both have received feedback like “my favorite part of this app is showing it to all my buddies who have iPhones, Android phones, or Palm phones.” This talk is a unique opportunity to hear the real story of these apps, how they made it to the top of the charts and what happened since their launch. Cocktail Flow is arguably one of the most beautiful apps out there, with elegant, colorful graphics that is still faithful to the phone’s Metro design. Bálint Orosz, the designer of Cocktail Flow explains his thought process when designing the app and the lessons learned during development. SurfCube managed to reinvent mobile web browsing, and has found the balance between eye-candy and usability. András Velvárt shares the secret of how the buzz around SurfCube was created, and shows the effect of being featured in Engadget and other online publications. Hear how bugs and listening to user feedback influenced the sales and the roadmap of SurfCube!









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    Looks like another interesting session - looking forward to downloading and maybe picking up some tips for a chapter I am putting together on 'Marketing wp7 apps' for Mike Ormond's forthcoming free Kindle book.

    At the risk of hassling you guys it would be great to get your feedback:  (I'm doing each section as a blog post at the moment)




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