Interactive Panel: Kinect and Natural User Interfaces (NUI)

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With Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360, you are the controller. The system senses the 3rd dimension (depth) of the players and the environment, and revolutionizes the experience of how a player interacts with games and entertainment. With its broad availability and low cost, many researchers and practitioners in computer science, electronic engineering and robotics are leveraging the sensing technology to develop new ways of interacting with machines. The NUI era is upon us. In this panel, Kinect device and game creators will converse with NUI researchers and scientists, focusing on some of the principles behind the Kinect sensing technology and reflecting on the potential for computers that can "see" in 3-D. What does this mean for how humans and computers will communicate going forward? With vision, computers are better able to understand user intention, learn from what they see and reason about what the user really wants to do, all without responding to events streamed from mice and keyboards. The audio/voice recognition technology advancements in Kinect plus accurate 3-D sensing help make natural user interaction with computers real. Technology is starting to become invisible. What does this all mean? What do you want to know? This is an interactive panel which means attendees will be encouraged to ask questions when they have them in mind to help drive the conversation. So, come prepared with questions and ask whatever you want.









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