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A neural network is an artificial intelligence technique that is based on biological synapses and neurons. Neural networks can be used to solve difficult or impossible problems such as making predictions based on huge data sets in the Cloud. In a short and informal session, Dr. James McCaffrey, from Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA, will describe exactly what neural networks are, explain the types of problems that can be solved using neural networks, and demonstrate some examples of neural networks. You will leave this session with an in-depth understanding of neural networks and how they can be used to extract valuable business intelligence from your enterprise data.






South Seas J



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The Discussion

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    Starts slow, but once he gets going McCaffrey really makes this topic accessible.

    And to his question of if we want more "out of band" topics - YES! Leveraging new concepts and approaches to problem solving is important.

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    (from the speaker) You can skip over the first 5-6 minutes of the presentation where I am essentially killing time - we had a last minute room change and the new room was a good hike (maybe 5 minutes) away from the old room so I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to attend the talk had time to get to the room.

    James M

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    Clearly explained.

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