Interview: Becoming a Windows Intune IT Administrator: A Real-World Perspective

Play Interview: Becoming a Windows Intune IT Administrator: A Real-World Perspective
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Erdal Ozkaya (Kemp Technologies) & Craig Morris (Sr. Program Manager), talk about what the real world perspective is for integrating Windows Intune and SystemCenter 2012 SP1. They stops by the Channel 9 stage to talk with Joey Snow while at MMS 2013. 

In this interview they talk about:

  • Do I have to re-architect everything in System Center to integrate Intune into my environment?
  • What's the real world story about how well it integrates?
  • How the concept of User Centric Management works. The Shift from devices.
  • DEMO: Application deployment in a User Centric manner
  • What do people trip up on for deployments for Intune and SC2012 integration.
  • How to get started with using Intune and SC2012.

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