Save Time and Money: Automate Hyper-V with PowerShell and C#

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Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 is awesome. It’s even built-in to Windows 8. But after a while, no matter how easy it is to use, basic management tasks for one box to a hundred gets old real quick via the GUI. If you want to save time and money, come to this session and see how easy it is (yes even if you’re not a programmer) to automate the mundane of Hyper-V using its built-in PowerShell support. See how to get system information, create VMs, back up VMs, snapshot VMs, and more. You’ll see how you can write generic, reusable scripts that you can share with friends and family. In addition, you will dive a bit deeper into how the Hyper-V automation interfaces work and talk about security as well as when you might want to break out Visual Studio and write some C# (by yourself or with the help of your favorite developer).






South Seas J



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