Play Windows 10 Developer Readiness [India]

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    Awesome, happy to see you.

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    Bad quality , both of the speakers out are of synch and talking too fast.

    One person is trying to accent out. Horrible quality Channel 9 quality is deteriorating.

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    I stopped listening as technically they where wrong.

    What is SKU ? They are versions oh no oh no

    SKU stands for Stock keeping unit which is very different from versions.

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    Both the speakers are sitting inside a valley looks like. Hell video has lots of echo , accented and completely staged.

    You guys need to look at other channel 9 videos.

    Watched 15 minutes of video nothing of source code etc. The whole video both chaps are emphasizing about centralization of windows 10 platform

    Show code you bore people after 15 minutes

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    For first 20 minutes of the session they are repeating the same thing Windows core and Universal windows platform. Windows core is a generic for hardware platform and Universal windows platform is generic platform for software developers.

    You could have made that simple rather than dragging it PPT after PPT for first 30 minutes.

    Indian MVP's have bad representation skills , they accent out , they try to show off.

    As said in top comments atleast be technically right, how did you say SKU is a version. My god they are teaching technically wrong things now.

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    Michael Retzlaff

    The focus could have been more on the code samples instead of too much of PPTs.

    Overall , the session was good except some minor issues like audio quality .

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    Dexter Jam

    PPT after PPT after PPT its boring. SKU is a version thats really funny.

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