Data Science Doesn’t Just Happen, It Takes a Process. Learn about Ours…

Play Data Science Doesn’t Just Happen, It Takes a Process. Learn about Ours…
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As the use of analytics for enterprise-wide data-driven decision making has grown, data science projects have also grown in complexity, but they are often executed in an ad hoc manner by scientists. And while public clouds provide access to unlimited compute power and facilitate global collaboration, they bring new challenges around tracking work products and building institutional knowledge. The Team Data Science Process (TDSP) addresses these challenges. The TDSP features git-based repositories with templates providing a central archive with standardized project structure, document templates, and utility scripts for all projects, independent of the execution environment, to allow scientists to use multiple cloud resources. In this talk, the TDSP team from Microsoft walks through the process of how team leads and project leads can set up the TDSP environment for a team, initiate and manage projects, and set up individual contributors to execute projects following the TDSP. Attendees also will learn about utilities for visualizing and exploring data interactively, building baseline models quickly, and automatically generating artifacts such as a data report.



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