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Building and Deploying your Code with Azure Pipelines

Play Building and Deploying your Code with Azure Pipelines

The Discussion

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    Glad to see YAML for releases will be in public preview mode in Q3.

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    Why are the builds and pipelines pages in the UI so unusable? Never give me the information I want. F5 does not refresh the page but takes me to an arbitrary build/pipeline. Cannot see commit comments.

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    Xu Yu

    Hi there,

    My code is written with Fortran. How should I do to build and deploy my code? Cheers

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    hello i like your video i have question if i want to deploy my Python-Django Project form local instance to azure web app service so how i can to that my project include many library like numpy, read excel those library support my functionality of project. i google its and find out the way to deploy my project on azure web app service like using visual code, visual studio, using FTP etc. but noting work for my project so anyone help me to deploy my project on azure devpos(azure web app service) if anyone know please help me you can contact me my Email

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    Yes, a very nice video; expert working in their technology on a simple scenario.

    My build works, but the release pipeline can never find any files - I select a folder from the list, folder not found come release task. Fiddled with files selection specs - nothing changes - no files found.

    All very lovely, but if we cannot recreate it - back to manual copying and a USB drive.

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    How to create a build pipeline that spits out a MSI setup package out of a .net desktop application

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