New Azure Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats

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The Discussion

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    Hi Sara,

    Is the Security Center public already?  Where do I find it in the portal?

    Thank you,



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    Hi Manrique,
    Azure Security Center public preview is coming later this year. If you'd like to receive notification when it is available, you can sign up here:

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    Bob Wilmes

    Can you please do a video on how Microsoft envisions integrating the Azure security center with an application security process to enable DevOps using the recent Docker on Azure announcements ? Will the security center provide an application inventory to track security issues with projects in Visual Studio Online (VSO) ?

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    Hi, Is it possible that a one could allow a client to see the security center from their azure account. That would really give confidence that a software provider has security under control to the best standards? 

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    What about incident response services? Memory capture for forensics in particular? Being able to capture an image and store where needed for analysis.

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