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We are excited to announce the new Azure Container Service, an open source container scheduling and orchestration service which builds on our partnerships with both Docker and Mesosphere, as well as our contributions to open source projects in this space. This service leverages both Docker and Apache Mesos in order to deliver an open source environment for running container workloads. Mesos already powers leading brands like Twitter, all of Apple's Siri, large parts of Airbnb, Netflix and OpenTable.

We've built the Azure Container Service in close collaboration with Mesosphere, using open source components from their DCOS offering including DCOS Marathon (for launching and scaling container based applications) and Chronos (for distributed cron and batch workloads). Additionally, many of our customers are excited to deploy Docker containers using Docker Swarm and Docker Compose. See Mark Russinovich, Azure CTO demo the new service in discussion with Benjamin Hindman, CTO and founder of Mesosphere.







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