Being Efficient with Azure Automation

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Individual humans do not scale very well.  Let's face it, we can barely multitask.  So with Cloud Computing how do we keep up with the growing demand for maintenance tasks for these "infinitely scalable" assets?  The answer is automation.  Azure Automation is a highly available automation service which helps you "Automate all the things".  Anything from deployments, to monitoring to maintenance tasks can be set up using this reliable workflow execution engine.  This presentation covers the fundamentals of the Azure Automation service and provides some insights into how to leverage it with your own solutions.





The Discussion

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    For those that are looking for a clickable link to the Curah I mention it can be found at

    Also, just as a follow up on my comments about using Azure Automation for monitoring and reacting to events.  Remember that you are metered on how long your runbook is executing, so a runbook that is an infinite loop will be constantly using minutes.  Also, for the example of using Automation as a replacement for SQL Agent, that's very plausible, just be aware that if the job runs greater than that 30 minute mark it will be suspended and resumed, though the target SQL Machine will continue to do the work. 

    Finally, in my demos I was using Write-Output to push out what was essentially logging information.  I should have actually been using Write-Verbose instead.  There is a great blog article on the Azure Blog about how to better handle input/output of runbooks and one of the things they point out is that Write-Output is meant to pass data back up to the calling runbook if there is one. 

    Thanks for watching!

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