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    Colin Rippey

    Why would I use DocumentDB instead of Table Storage? What are pros and cons of using one against the other?

    I guess I'm struggling to decide which of the Azure offerings I should be looking to target, I have an idea for a project that Table Storage seemed idea for, but now that DocumentDB has appeared I'm unclear as to what I should use.

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    Can you please share the source code shown in the DEMO.

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    First, you should have done a quick intro like WACEL:

    Then dive into details. Otherwise seems like an awesome product, please MS market it right.

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    @Colin Rippey: yup and similar for Azure Search, what differentiates the offerings from self-provisioned/managed platforms like ELK and drives down cost and complexity rather than just adding another piece of software into the mix.

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    Is the console demo app available anywhere?

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