Microsoft Azure Website Webjobs - the new way to run your workloads in the Cloud

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    Bravo Magnus. Really simple tutorial to follow. I also discovered the video stash on you blog. Thanks for tutorials.


    Keep up the good work.

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    Great session just what I needed. But ..

    How does the magic work? I get that QueueTrigger understands that 'helloworld' is a Queue but how does the webjob know about the connection strings?

    My Trigger is not firing and I have no way to diagnose the problem. I expect its the connection string but not sure where to look for issues.

    If there a 'non magic' way to trigger off a Queue?


    Pat NH USA



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    Follow up to Magic.

    After some trial and error I discovered that somehow WebJob seem to understand which methods are to be monitored

    The Console window says

    Found the following functions:
    Job host started
    Executing: 'Program.Process' because New queue message detected on 'completedque

    Now if I can just understand how the Webjob know what methods to monitor I'll see how the rabbit got in the hat.

    Pat NH USA



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