How to Implement Containerization with Docker to Increase Density and Performance of Virtual Machines

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You might have heard about containerization technologies like Docker that allow you to achieve greater density and better performance than traditional full-fledged IaaS Virtual Machines. We recently announced support for Docker on Azure and all the goodness that it brings to your solutions. How should an IT Implementer / SysAdmin deploy and leverage this new technology? This session will tell you everything you need to know.





The Discussion

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    Thanks to current Channel9 Live session display features I just completed viewing this Day3 3rd session after temporarily pausing it (I did that earlier during 3rd session) and quick restarting it at my will several times.

    Really a great feature indeed so I hope that in future might be implemented also for MVA site live events... :D:D :D :D :D

    About this session, I'm not a Server App-V expert it seems that Docker current containerization technology partially resemble some of App-V own OS isolation features for sequencing/packaging and it's very nice that they added history layers for modifying/creating containers.

    Given also that SUA (Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications) was already deprecated with Windows Server 2012 I hope that some future porting of containerization technology on next Windows Server release (or just its Azure counterpart) might possibly even revamp some of SUA own components.

    IMHO those might even be extended more for better compatibility with Linux, at least to possibly allow to even have some future version of Docker Installer for Windows be natively based on some sort of 'Subsystem for UNIX and Linux-based Applications'...



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    @RobMer:thanks for the comments Rob, I'll be sure to pass along the request to the MVA folks.

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