Leverage Existing Chef / Puppet Toolsets for Management

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If you are a SysAdmin who already supports solutions on the Linux platform at scale, you are probably familiar with Chef and Puppet. Did you know they are also available in Azure for both Linux and Windows Machines? You can take your existing instructions and configurations and configure agents on your IaaS instances to point to your servers for deployment. Learn how to implement these amazing technologies for your Linux and Windows Azure hosted solutions.





The Discussion

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    For everyone's sake: the URL from this session slides to download 'Puppet Resource Guide for Azure' .PDF file seems indeed right but if saved may not work properly and result in a 'Page not found'.

    So please to download above .PDF file correctly please 1) just open this new dedicated page and 2) then complete download 'Getting Started Guide for Deploying Puppet Enterprise in Windows Azure' file.

    As a bonus from same page you'll also be able to download 'Puppet PowerShell cmdlets for Microsoft Azure' to learn about 3 new PowerShell cmdlets included with Microsoft Azure SDK.

    Hope this helps



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    Unluckily including too many URLs seems spam to Ch9, so this one alone should work.

    Here's the direct link to 'Puppet PowerShell cmdlets for Microsoft Azure' bonus .PDF also available from same page above (as of now).

    Hope this helps too



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    Justin Fenton

    Excellent session. Thank you for including information on how to use Chef with Azure!

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    Excellent session, thank you.

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