Optimize your Windows Server Workloads on Azure

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Drew picks up where Corey left off, going even deeper. He'll focus on the specifics of how to get the most from your Windows workloads with Azure IaaS.





The Discussion

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    Interesting to see that you continue to kill your Professional Learning Partner Channel! Is that Microsoft next step to get rid of disturbing Partners?

    So for me: I prefer professional learning organisations because they prepare me and my organization in a optimized way! I hope they will be able to survive if Microsoft continues with such offerings.

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    @Alfred: These sessions are complementary and not designed to replace a Learning Partner offer / MOC course / custom course. No malicious intent to derail existing channels.

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    Malcon Albuquerque

    Cheers from Brazil Rick!

    I hope we gonna deeper in the next sessions.

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    @Alfred here in the UK at least from my perspective it is very difficult to actually get on an Azure IT Pro course. The provider I have been working with has twice rescheduled and so these sessions are VERY timely @RicksterCDN

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    Are the slides going to be available for viewing or download?

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    when migrating SQL on premise typically log files are stored on the D:/ drive - how is this best handled when moving to azure?

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    @Claudia: we covered this topic in the SQL on IaaS session that just wrapped up on day four - check out that session here... https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Microsoft-Azure/Level-Up-Azure-IaaS-for-IT-Pros/Leveraging-SQL-In-Azure-for-Your-Solutions

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    I have been trying to use Remote PowerShell to remotely manage the VM like Drew does @44:17, however I cannot figure out how to export the self-signed cert or get the cloud service to use the cert I upload. You referenced a blog your friend wrote which may help. Any chance you can share the blog? Thanks.

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