Microsoft Campus Days 2013

Microsoft Campus Days 2013
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120 Speakers:

  • Anders Lybecker
    Anders Lybecker
  • Anders Ravnholt
    Anders Ravnholt
  • Bernt Bisgaard Caspersen
    Bernt Bisgaard Caspersen
  • Craig Forster
    Craig Forster
  • Deani Hansen
    Deani Hansen
  • Jens Ole Kragh
    Jens Ole Kragh
  • Jesper Krogh
    Jesper Krogh
  • Jørn Floor Andersen
    Jørn Floor Andersen
  • Kasper Birch Olsen
    Kasper Birch Olsen
  • Kent Agerlund
    Kent Agerlund

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Sorry, this event has ended and no recorded sessions have been added.