All-round strongly-typed approach to MS CRM

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Normally you would always use strongly typed code to create business critical applications, as the approach will ensure that errors in code will be spotted at compile time, and hereby providing a better user experience.

 When working with the MS CRM platform, it is possible to use strongly-typed code, early-bound generated with CrmSvcUtil.exe. The main problem is that this is only possible when working with server side code, so you might have robust server side code but a fragile client side.

 In order to ensure a more robust client side code, we have created our own version of CrmSvcUtil that generates TypeScript declaration files to be used with the Xrm SDK JavaScript libraries. Additionally, we have expanded our current DAXIF# with a TypeProvider module that ensures that our MS CRM scripting files (Click-Once Deployment, Data migration ...) are type checked for correctness, before executing. The correctness check is also applied on data (Eg.: let filter = frm.Records.UserQuery.DeltaActiveAccounts, were we ensure that the view we point at, it actually exists in the source/target system)

Our goal is to inspire customers and other consultancy houses to use Microsoft's newest technologies, TypeScript and the functional programming language F#, in combination with the MS CRM platform in order to create more correct and robust applications as well as deliver them faster with fewer errors.








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    Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.


    Ramón Soto Mathiesen

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    Hi Ramon
    its great for what you are doing, i had one quick question and i trust that you will be able to answer

    i would like to integrate CRM 2013 online with external website that, i need to retrieve information or data from external website and used CRM as an interface to capture data and information

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    The part about CrmSvcUtil and TypeScript sounds interesting, but unfortunately I missed this session. Can you provide further informations? Will there be a recording or a PPT? Thanks

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    Hi @Mohamed.

    Sorry for not answering before, but there have been some issues with Channel9 so I couldn't write my answer.

    But I might misunderstand your question but I think you are asking is that you want MS CRM Online to be a wrapper for an external data source where you will provide the MS CRM interface to your end users. Is this understood correct? (When you confirm I will answer ASAP) :)

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    Hi @ManuRa:

    I submitted my slides (in .PDF) to Microsoft so they can upload them to this page but most of what I showed was in the demo part ...

    And I was really disappointed to hear (after I finished my talk) that it wasn't recorded (also one of the points of doing this in English).

    The good news for you, and others, might be on the slide number 19 (the Open Source part) :)

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    Thank you,

    I wrote you an email, maybe you can send me the slides via mail in advance.

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    Done :)

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