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Today in Europe, millions of people are on the move, displaced by war and persecution. They are individuals, families, even children on their own. At the start of the century, only about 30 children came to Sweden with no parents or relatives. Last year, the number was 30,000, and they need assistance.

Much like someone with a broken leg, who is patched up and then taught to walk again. We have to think about opportunities to help them transition, like:

  • How do we make sure they find new friends?
  • How do we help them with the questions that no one has time to answer?
  • How can we explain the everyday things that are confusing?
  • How can we help them adopt the new ways of the culture they find themselves exposed to?
  • How do we learn from their experiences, learnings, and wisdom?

These questions and more need to be addressed in order to help these newcomers adapt and fit in. We need to know their thoughts so we can express our culture in a simple and learnable way and build the invisible bridges that lead to understanding.

Make new Swedes established Swedes

Sweden's Kompis Sverige, a nonprofit organization, set out to do exactly that. It builds friendships. New and established Swedes reach out and Kompis Sverige helps to connect them and form relationships.

Kompis Sverige and Microsoft set out to create a technical solution to help accelerate and scale this vision, which Kompis Sverige also wants to export to other countries around the world. They believe the need to connect is truly universal!

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