Track 3 Sesión 1 - Port your AWS knowledge to Azure

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Most customers are considering a multi-cloud strategy for reasons that range from hedging their bets to getting best of both worlds. Whatever may be the reason, we want to support our customers and also empower our community to leverage the current knowledge for this purpose. This session will help you in mapping that existing AWS knowledge to Azure. Given the breadth and depth of this topic, we aim to get you started and give you a roadmap for next steps to learn more, with an outcome that'll make you more valuable to your customers and stakeholders.


Azure, AWS, Migration


Sobre Tiberiu Covaci

Tibi started his developer career in 1991, but wasn't until 1994 that he got introduced into the Microsoft world of technologies. In 1996 he moved from Romania to Sweden to work as a programmer. In 2004 he started working as an independent trainer, teaching Microsoft technologies on all levels, with emphasis on introductory courses, because it gives him a chance to influence the future .NET programmers. He works closely with Microsoft, both as Author, and Technology Reviewer for the new Microsoft .NET courses. He is a member of the MCT Advisory Council, INETA Speaker, IASA Speaker, and INETA Country Lead for Sweden. Since 2012 he is charge of bringing awesome speakers to Sweden as the conference chair of DevSum, the largest .NET Conference in Sweden. He is a passionate speaker about new technologies, like Azure, Multi-core & Async Programming, ASP.NET, new programming languages, patterns and trends. He can be found speaking at conferences all over the world, like VSLive, TechEd, DevReach, TechDays, Öredev, ScanDev, NDC, MCT Summit, and MVP Summit. In 2011 he deiced to go back to what he loves most, programming, so he started to work again as a developer, living the dream, in Tenerife.






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