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    It's nice to see more people trying / adopting Aurelia. I've been working with Aurelia on commercial product for more that half a year and started to learn Angular 2 recently. It my view, Angular 2 it too much, to much to learn, to much to care about, to much to keep your eye on.
    I'm not sure I agree with Chris is saying about Aurelia drawbacks. Number of questions on Stack Overflow or google is not an indication about the community. Number of questions is also an indication how much issues devs are having with the framework which is not in Angular advantage. Regarding the number of developer with Angular experience - that's true. But at the same time, with Aurelia you can get any JavaScript developer and he/she will be able to write code from the first day without much training. Aurelia is just JavaScript, you don't see the framework - can't say the same about Angular. We had people joined the project with no experience in Aurelia at all and only after an hour of 'tutorial' they were able to write code with no problem. Actually, one of the strongest / selling points of Aurelia is that you can get people not familiar with the framework to be productive.
    What Chris suggest at the end - to write clean classes to remove the Angular framework is actually coding in Aurelia style.

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