OData Meetup 2012

OData Meetup 2012
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16 Speakers:

  • Pablo Castro
    Pablo Castro
  • Alex James
    Alex James
  • Anant Jhingran (APIgee)
    Anant Jhingran (APIgee)
  • Arlo Belshee
    Arlo Belshee
  • Brian Freeman (Viecore FSD)
    Brian Freeman (Viecore FSD)
  • Dana Gutride (Citrix)
    Dana Gutride (Citrix)
  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez
  • Jens Huesken (SAP)
    Jens Huesken (SAP)
  • Mark Stafford
    Mark Stafford
  • Maxim Glukhankov (EastBanc Technologies)
    Maxim Glukhankov (EastBanc Technologies)

No Recorded Sessions

Sorry, this event has ended and no recorded sessions have been added.