Microsoft Document Interoperability Initiative Germany Workshop on Accessibility

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Microsoft Document Interoperability Initiative Workshop on Accessibility

Representatives from Businessbase, BizT@lk AG, COC, Compart, Dialogika, DZB, Fraunhofer, Stunnware, SBSIS, and TI Consulting gathered at a series of roundtable discussions that focused on presentation, accessibility, data exchange, and enterprise integration scenarios. Attendees specifically discussed interoperability between DAISY, an XML-based document format for accessibility, and Open XML; interoperability challenges in high fidelity (mobile, browser) roaming scenarios; ways to address the need for seamless back-office Document Conversions; and the OXML software developer kit. The group reviewed a scenario-based approach to constructing a document test library, where key scenarios were presented and discussed. Attendees participated in several testing scenarios, including the "Save as Daisy" functionality in Microsoft Office; enterprise application integration in vertical application scenarios; and document interoperability frameworks and cross-platform scenarios, using the example of an e-government case study that demonstrated document interoperability between Open Office (Suse Linux).






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