PDC 1996 Keynote with Bob Muglia and Steve Jobs

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Bob Muglia introduces Steve Jobs in this PDC 1996 keynote. Steve Jobs was President of NeXT Corporation and talks about WebObjects as well as taking questions from some of the developers in the audience. 






PDC 1996 Keynote with Bob Muglia and Steve Jobs



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The Discussion

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    tom jones

    please fix this. the video doesn't play. i have a browser that supports native html5 video.

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    It works fine.

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    Works on my iPad...

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    It works fine. Choose any of the links on the bottom for preferred format.

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    Don Funk

    Watching the old videos of SJ always seems to bring about a renewed appreciation for the man. Most haters liken SJ as some clueless marketer of Apple products, but in this video we see a man who is very confident in his technical understanding of the product and who is not afraid to address questions, mind you, from a crowd of developers (developers!) and solution providers. He even invites people to come talk to him after the session for any one-on-one lingering questions. Pretty impressive...

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    Robbo Robertson

    Not quite so thin...

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    Ted Wood

    I appreciate his honesty when he wasn't able to answer something, and I was pleasantly surprised by his ability to answer some of the questions, too!

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    "mainframe databases"

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    for a CEO he answered those tech questions REALLY well.

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    The haters who DO hate on Steve Jobs (often for no reason at all, other than the fact that he runs the most popular company on the planet), really are just a bunch of ignorant asses who just don't have a clue about what they're talking about. The man doesn't do ANYTHING without a deep personal understanding of what he and his company is actually working on. The guy involves himself with almost every facet of his companies, which is almost unheard of for a CEO to do. To be involved with operations, supplies, industrial design, software design, engineering, marketing, or even retail. That's not to mention the fact that he's the one with the taste and vision to know where to steer the company next. Steve is one of a kind.

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    So true, a good guy among mostly bad people.

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    Thanks for the video.

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    Impressive video and a little sad to see that Web architecture
    Has evolved little and slow Very slow. If it weren't for Apache, Firefox, Open Source, Google and Apple I think
    that Microsoft, Oracle and company would have destroyed this a long time ago.

    And I agree Steve Jobs is truly one of a kind for a CEO

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    Steve Jobs is a ridiculously intelligent man with amazing vision, as seen in this video. He is a hero of mine but I would never *ever* call him a 'good guy'.

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    Thanks for putting this up MSDN, very interesting. (And appreciate the choice of download format)

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    Great flashback. Dynamic pages ... : )

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    nice was

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    Interesting to see Steve was using Concurrence on NeXTSTEP to do his presentation (there was a brief flash of it as he came off the last slide)... some consider this to be the inspiration behind Keynote, at least in part.

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    A smart guy, but a good guy? I don't think so.

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    No Webm Version of the video : Not HTML5 viewable

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