PDC 2005 Keynote with Bill Gates

Play PDC 2005 Keynote with Bill Gates

The Discussion

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    What, you didn't get rights to the Napoleon Dynamite spoof?  That was so awesome.  Maybe Steve Ballmer will fund the rights acquisition because he loves developers.  It really was an awesome sketch.

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    James Matthew Shannon

    hey well congrulaions in the term in receiving the newest agenda in the innovating world of the newest technologicial era Mr. executive chairmembership and well things to do near the most futh er of more new technology in the most amazing outer limits we will every have lets give Mr. Bill Gates and warmenst families withchari reps and the closest holidays hey and before the well reaility not joking aspect hey like ballmer says lets get this stuff out there so we could have some fun. yeah, code: you gotta see it to belive in it right. humh

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