Parallel Symposium: Future of Parallel Computing

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Hear Intel describe its near-term support for Microsoft Visual Studio with Intel Parallel Studio. Learn about incubation technologies related to parallel computing, such as Intel Threading Building Blocks on Concurrency Runtime, software transaction memory, agents, Intel Ct and tools.
  • James Reinders
    James Reinders is an expert in the area of parallelism, Intel’s leading spokesperson on tools for parallelism, and author of the O’Reilly Nutshell book on the C++ extensions for parallelism provided by the popular Intel Threading Building Blocks. James has decades of experience with high degrees of parallelism having worked on groundbreaking compilers and architectures such as the systolic arrays WARP and iWarp, and the world’s first TeraFLOP supercomputer (ASCI Red). James is a frequent blogger, columnist on, and the author and co-author of several books in addition to the recent TBB Nutshell book.
  • Selena Wilson
  • Niklas Gustafsson
  • Sean Nordberg
  • David Detlefs
    Dave got his Ph.D. from Carnegie-Mellon in 1990. He was a researcher at DEC's System Research Center from 1990 to 1996, working on program verification and garbage collection. He moved to Sun Laboratories in Massachusetts in 1996, working there on parallel and concurrent garbage collection, lock-free algorithms, and just-in-time compilation techniques. He moved to Microsoft's CLR in 2005, and has been working on transactional memory and various CLR architectural issues. He holds 32 patents, and has been on a number of program committees for academic conferences.







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