Microsoft XNA Game Studio: An Overview

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Learn about XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework and how they help to quickly and easily create games using Microsoft Visual C# that run on Windows, the Xbox 360, and Zune. Hear about the goals and features of XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework and the types of games that can be created; we even create a game during the session. Finally, hear about the vibrant community around XNA Game Studio and Xbox LIVE Community Games, where games can be distributed via Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  • Frank Savage
    Frank Savage is veteran game developer with 17 years of professional experience. Starting at Origin Systems in 1991, Frank worked on Strike Commander and was the lead on Wing Commander 3. After leaving Origin in 1995, he worked on the MechCommander game at the startup FASA Interactive. FASA was acquired by Microsoft in 1999 and after completing MechCommander Gold and MechCommander 2 for Microsoft Game Studios, Frank went to work for the Advanced Technology Group in Xbox just before the launch of the first Xbox console. In 2004, Frank joined the XNA team which has evolved into the XNA Community Game Platform team and now works as an architect on the Framework and Tools team delivering XNA Game Studio.







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The Discussion

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    its realy grate to have xna sesions @PDC
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    Great presentation, Frank.  I would like to hear the history behind cornflowerblue sometime. 
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    Very entertaining & informative presentation! I really enjoyed your session, it was definitely worth skipping lunch for! And you are right, sadly there have been no more great space fighter sims like Wing Commander! So when are you going to make the next one!?

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    Very cool! Looking forward XNA-Silverlight marriage! Smiley
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    Does anyone know where I can get the source code for this Demo?  I would like to know how he did some of the things he did not show.


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