Software in the Energy Economy

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Come learn the developer skills and expertise required to take advantage of the next boom in software – the energy economy. Understand key enabling technologies and design patterns that will prepare you for this important shift, such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and the Microsoft .NET Services Bus, providing end-to-end security, advanced WCF programming techniques, original helper classes, productivity-enhancing utilities and tools, design best practices and pitfalls. This workshop also helps you understand where the high tech sector is heading, the underlying economic and political forces driving the change, and the implications for software professionals. Governments and private industry will invest in and promote alternative energy and smart grid systems. In addition to developing new cars, micro renewal source energy producers, infrastructure upgrades, charge stations, distribution, and new power and storage, there will also be investment in the integration of billing systems, commercial and residential construction, and energy trading. This new “Energynet”, as Juval Lowy describes it, will require software, and lots of it. Want to learn more about this workhshop? Check out the Channel9 Knowledge Chamber interview here.





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