Building Offline Applications using the Sync Framework and SQL Azure

Play Building Offline Applications using the Sync Framework and SQL Azure
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In this session you will learn how to build a client application that operates against locally stored data and uses synchronization to keep up-to-date with a SQL Azure database. See how Sync Framework can be used to build caching and offline capabilities into your client application, making your users productive when disconnected and making your user experience more compelling even when a connection is available. See how to develop offline applications for Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight, plus how the services support any other client platform, such as iPhone and HTML5 applications, using the open web-based sync protocol.







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The Discussion

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    i neede to software of railway in

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    The audio is either over modulated, or the wrong band is being delivered, (might be optimized for male voices or ???) making it very difficult to understand what is being said.

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    The "high definition" WMV file, available as a download still has a problem with the sound, but it is much better, and one can listen to it and tell what is being said without effort. Recommend watching this by downloading it if you have trouble with the online version.

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