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Why care about C++0x lambda functions? Syntactically, they are nothing but sugar for function objects. However, they are an essential and enabling sugar that will change the way we will write C++ code more often than most people realize. This talk will cover what lambda functions are and how to use them effectively, including how lambdas touch many wide-ranging kinds of code — from their convenience when writing concurrent and scalably parallel code, to how they stand to revolutionize STL usability and programming, to how they enable such small conveniences as local functions and local variable initialization. Note that lambda functions, although futuristic, are not a far-future feature. They are available today in several shipping C++ compilers, including Visual Studio 2010. The future is now. Come find out how this powerful feature affects you and your code.







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The Discussion

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    Your Mom

    This is a horrible recording. The audio cuts out every five seconds or so. The constant interruptions make it very difficult to concentrate on what Herb is saying.

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    Gerrit Goetzen

    Videos are not working: MP4 high and low doesn't work at all. WMF's audio is stuttering.

    (Btw.: This form does not handle german umlauts in the name field.)

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    Where is the original talk? The editing is horrible.

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    The audio is horrible. Why do not you fix it and repost it again? Thank you.

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